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This website is designed to help search state policy by state, classification, and/or category. Classification refers to whether a policy creates or removes an incentive, barrier, or requirement for the use of private resources to provide senior transportation . A category refers to a specific kind of statute, such as a law that addresses insurance for volunteer drivers. For example, you could search for laws in all states that remove barriers for volunteer drivers. Or, you might want to see all laws that create incentives in Massachusetts.

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Aging resource centers
Aging Services
Background checks
Car dealership
Charitable immunity- liability limits- indemnification
Charitable solicitation
Community Aging Services
coordination between public and private service providers
Criminal history checks
Department of senior services
Disabled parking placard
Elder Abuse
Elder Rights
Excise tax
Facilitate volunteer services by and for the elderly
Fundraising license plate for non-profits
Income tax
Motor vehicle financial responsibility
Motor vehicle inspection
Motor vehicle insurance
Motor vehicle liability
Motor vehicle licensing
Motor vehicle registration
Motor vehicle title
Motor vehicle violation checks
Non-profit liability
Non-profits for seniors
People service transportation
Programs and Services for the Elderly
Prohibitions on charitable solicitation
Property tax
Public funding
Public Support for Services for the Elderly
Public transportation funding
Registration of charities
Road tax
Sales tax
Senior Services
Senior Transportation
Senior Transportation Start-up Funding
Services for the Elderly
Social enterprise
State services for seniors
State support for transportation services
Tax credit
Tax deduction
Tax exemption
Transportation network companies
Transportation planning coordination
Volunteer disability
Volunteer immunity
Volunteer insurance
Volunteer liability
Volunteer service credits
Volunteer services
Worker's compensation


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